Two shows open in Birmingham in the same week...

The BFG (Birmingham Rep) opened on 26 November, and less than 24 hours later The Little Match Girl was open at DanceXchange in the Hippodrome down the road!
Frank scored the BFG for a 3 piece live band (led by musical director Martin Riley on keyboards, who also contributed compositions to the show) and a cast of actor musicians, while The Little Match Girl featured a score performed by Frank in it's entirety, (live and recorded, plus live voices by the cast). Both shows have had great reviews:

The BFG music reviews:

"The Whizzpopping Song, with its suitably rasping sound effects, cue trombones, was a source of universal merriment and delight."
Roger Clarke, Behind the Arras


"The music was marvellous."
Zoe Chamberlain, Birmingham Post


"Ethereal music"
The Public Reviews

The Little Match Girl music reviews:

"Evocative music"
David Mead, Critical Dance

"Crucial to maintaining the mood is Frank Moon’s fantastic music... Moon is drawn in to the world of the show, sometimes as a kind of incidental street musician, other times as a more direct part of the story... Interestingly, his music evolved symbiotically with with the movement... a process which has worked fantastically well. ...The result is a wonderful meeting of violins and theremins, haunting, Danny Elfman-esque sounds and jolly Christmas tunes."
Hippodrome Heather (blog)

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