MORE Theatre & Dance commissions


Choreography - Arthur Pita 
Music - Frank Moon and Bev Lee Harling 
Design - Yann Seabra 

Joyce Theatre, New York City, 2019 
An adapted piece from Arthur Pita's original production for Ballet Black, this piece used music by Frank and Bev Lee Harling, and featured Royal Ballet Dancers Edward Watson and Sarah Lamb, and New York City Ballet's Robbie Fairchild. 


A 30 minute dance theatre piece featuring superstar dancers Natasha Osipova and Sergei Polunin and commissioned by Sadler's Wells.

Choreography - Arthur Pita 
Music - The Shangri Las, David Lynch, and Frank Moon 
Sound design - Frank Moon 
Set and Costume Design - Luis Carvalho

Performances: Sadler's Wells (London), Edinburgh Festival, City Center New York, Auckland Arts Festival (NZ), and Pallas Theatre (Athens).

"Narrative delivery, clarity of visual impact, inventive choreography and intuitively appropriate choice of music echo the slick, unrelenting momentum of the best Tarantino films." London Dance


Choreographed & directed by Arthur Pita
Music composed by Frank Moon
Design by Yann Seabra
Costume by Yann Seabra & Giulia Scrimieri

Arthur Pita's brand-new dance theatre work explores the compelling and disturbing phenomenon of 1930s dance marathons during the American depression; human endurance contests where couples danced almost non-stop for hundreds of hours competing for prize money. The longest recorded marathon lasted for 3,780 hours. The World's Greatest Show paints a dark, dreamlike picture of the desperate people embroiled in these enormously popular ‘entertainments’. The score, comprising several arrangements of period songs plus original songs and instrumental pieces, is played live by a quartet of London's finest swing musicians. 

Performances 2014: Greenwich Dance, Ipswich Corn Exchange, Royal Opera House. Live musicians: Clarinet / sax - Dave Shulman; Piano - Dave O'Brien; Double bass - Ben Bastin; Drums - Roy Pfeffer, plus voices of the cast. 


A collaboration between New York City Ballet star Wendy Whelan and Royal Ballet star Edward Watson, who commissioned pieces from 5 strikingly different modern choreographers. Frank was musical director and arranger for the evening, also composing additional original music.

"The remarkably versatile Frank Moon, whose magic touch keeps the evening buoyant." The Stage

Choreographers: Javier de Frutos, Arlene Phillips, Annie B Parson, Daniele Desnoyers, Arthur Pita.
Designer: Jean-Marc Puissant
Lighting designer: Bruno Poet
Music director/composer/arranger: Frank Moon

Performances: Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House , London 2015, City Center Theatre, New York, 2016. 

LONDON: Bev Lee Harling - voice, violin; Ivo de Greef - piano; Neil Charles - double bass; Frank Moon - MD / guitar, banjo, saw; Dave Price - vibraphone, drums, percussion.

NEW YORK: Bev Lee Harling - voice, violin; Stefan Vasnier - piano; Aidan O'Donnell - double bass; Frank Moon -MD / guitar, banjo, saw; Steve Little - vibraphone, drums, percussion