the mother

The Mother is set to original live music by Frank Moon and Dave Price - both composers and multi instrumentalists who devised and performed the score in collaboration.

A powerful narrative dance production based on Hans Christian Andersen's dark tale, choreographed by Arthur Pita and starring international dance superstar Osipova, principal of the Royal Ballet, alongside multi-award winning dancer Jonathan Goddard. 

As a young single mother sets out to save her child, she must face fantastic creatures, impossible trials and cross the line between life and death itself. Will she succumb to the forces of evil, or will the power of motherhood prevail?

★★★★★ The Telegraph   ★★★★ The Guardian

★★★★ The Independant   ★★★★ The Evening Standard

"A hauntingly beautiful soundscore... Musicians Frank Moon and Dave Price, along with their array of instruments, flank each side of the stage creating a dialogue and visible relationship between themselves and the dancers. Every note and every sound has it's place, and the pair help elevate this nightmarish world, providing an eerie, mythical landscape of sound in which the story sits."             ★★★★In Covent Garden

"The mood is set, and impressively maintained over 90 minutes, by musician-composers Frank Moon and Dave Price, each marooned on an island of musical kit to right and left of the stage. Their semi-improvised whines, howls, creaks and folk-melodising on fiddle, flute, balalaika and countless other analogue instruments both background and foreground the show with a multi-layered virtuosity." The Arts Desk

"Composers Frank Moon and Dave Price are on either side of the stage, surrounded by percussion instruments, ocarinas, xylophones, guitars, flutes and violins which they play as required (on top of singing, beatboxing and whistling), providing a responsive, live accompaniment that fluctuates between wordless vocal music, liturgical chant, lyrical melody and atmospheric soundscape." Bachtrack

★★★★★ "Choreography, visuals and music all combine here to create something very special.  There are so many layers to this work that one viewing of a performance is simply not enough to do much more than skim the surface of its deep and dark waters.  Natalia and Jonathan are obviously the visual centres of this on stage world, but so much of not only the feel of this production, but its whole atmosphere, is due to inspired music by the gifted  composers and multi instrumentalists Frank Moon and Dave Price who have created truly original and powerful music for this production." Southside Advertiser

"Live music composed/played by Frank Moon and Dave Price is by turns lyrical, abrasive, screeching - a mood board for Osipova's dramatic long dark night of the soul."           ★★★★ The Herald

Photo: Alexandra Muravyeva

Photos: Mika Smillie