A darkly comic family show with music and lyrics by Frank Moon and Bev Lee Harling. Mick Jackson's maudlin ten short stories are brought to life by Arthur Pita in a surreal mixture of dance-theatre and music.

Choreography: Arthur Pita 
Music and lyrics: Frank Moon & Bev Lee Harling
Set & costume design: Yann Seabra
Lighting: Mark Doubleday

Premiered at Jerwood Dance East in December 2019, coming to Sadler's Wells December 2020.

"One figure who arrives fully formed is Frank Moon, a one-man band in the downstage corner who steers us through the evening with music ranging from restless klezmer to slow-footed dirge, from jangling keyboards to a woozily bowed saw, as querulous as the voice of a sensitive child." The Guardian

"'If you like a happy ending,' intone the glum cast of Arthur Pita’s Ten Sorry Tales... 'maybe this isn’t the show for you'. Naturally, this warning is pure catnip for the audience... we are already eagerly anticipating the worst." The Guardian

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